2015-12-09 Release Notes

Changes for December 3, 2015 - December 9, 2015

Effective: Demo 12/10/2015; Weekly 12/18/2015; Monthly 01/01/2015

68219: Fixed the Address Hover in search results feature so that it shows the client's current home address on the case. For sites collecting address history it would sometimes show an older address. (See Admin > Site Settings to enable this feature if desired)

68463: Fixed the feature that lets you add a new address for a client directly on the Litigation form. It no longer results in a blank primary home address.

69611: Stopped the List Date on tasks and deadlines from being changed to the Reminder Date when a reminder is added.

69689: Restored all columns to the Client's Clinic Appointment History list view, commonly used on case profiles by sites using the Clinics module. Note: Site administrators may need to restore any previous customization of the columns displayed and column order. Affected sites were updated on 12/6/2015.

69714: There is a new "XML Data Download" block available for cases/matters. The block displays a link on a profile page or form that will download the matter's data in an XML file.