2015-12-23 Release Notes

Changes for December 17, 2015 - December 23, 2015

Effective: Demo 12/24/2015; Weekly 01/01/2016; Monthly 01/08/2016

69642: The Timekeeping Log list view available for cases has two new columns available: Start Time and Stop Time.

69642: The Timeslips block that displays the Timekeeping Log list on dynamic timekeeping section fronts has 3 new configuration options: 1) Show Start and Stop Time columns; 2) Show Office column; and 3) Show Activity Details column.

69714: There is a new XML Data Download block available in the case/matter module. See the linked help page for more information and an example download.

69744: For sites using Advanced Grants Management, there are two new blocks available: FTE Percentage Logged and Hourly Rate Logged. Each block allows a history of changes to the corresponding field.

69751: For sites with multiple languages enabled, warning messages about required fields not being completed on a form will now appear in the selected language.

69777: For sites beta testing SMS, the settings have moved from Admin > Site Settings to Admin > Telephony & SMS.

69790: For sites using Advanced Grants Management, filtering verification lists by Supervisor will no longer freeze the list.

69802: The Supervisor/Supervising block will now properly delete second, and additional entries. Clicking to delete would remove entries on screen, but not actually delete them.