2016-01-06 Release Notes

Changes for December 31, 2015 - January 6, 2016

Effective: Demo 01/07/2016; Weekly 01/15/2016; Monthly 02/05/2016

68568: Fixed an issue with the Edit Multiple Users Simultaneously feature. Using the "Check All" option will update all records, not just those displayed on page one of a paginated list.

68650: The Opposing Parties field will now display information on both business and individual adverse parties.

69832: Next Court Date is now an available column and filter on the "Case/Matter - Cases" list view (typically used on dynamic Cases section fronts).

69877: Fixed an issue that was causing an error when trying to edit a section front or profile page that contained the Current Assignments list view.

69933: Removed spurious red text "There was an error, click here" warnings. Affected sites updated effective 1/8/2016.