2016-01-13 Release Notes

Changes for January 7, 2016 - January 13, 2016

Effective: Demo 01/14/2016; Weekly 01/22/2016; Monthly 02/05/2016

68605: Clicking a time on the calendar to create an event will no longer cause an error for sites using a dynamic event create process.

68950: The "Disallow all versions of Internet Explorer" site setting now blocks IE11.

69112: Fixed an issue with the Additional Assistance block that would appear to duplicate values when a case was re-opened.

69786: The Issues block will no longer display inactive values in the Issue dropdown.

69793: The Issues list view now displays all columns collected by the block.

69812: The Funding Code Timekeeping Change block will no longer allow "Please select" to be accidentally chosen for a selected timeslip, causing an error.

69891: Fixed a problem with the Outcomes list view that was causing an error on print profile pages.

69900: Time totals in the side bar of the main Timekeeping page will again update when the list filters are changed. This only affected sites with a dynamic timekeeping section front.

69950: Added report subtables for Assignment Type, Program, and Pro Bono Initiative under Case Data > Additional Assignments > Organization Assignments.

69970: The Admin > Pro Bono Settings page has several new settings that provide defaults for the Pro Bono Tracking block.