2016-01-20 Release Notes

Changes for January 14, 2016 - January 20, 2016

Effective: Demo 01/21/2016; Weekly 01/29/2016; Monthly 02/05/2016

Oklahoma Lawyers for Children is live with LegalServer.

65534: Organization adverse parties entered using the "Adverse Party (Prescreen)" block will now properly save. All sites updated effective 1/20/2016.

69016: Tasks and Event lists on the home page now display the full month/day/year for dates.

69857: XML output for a case now includes notes created from timeslips.

69918: Previous and Next links in Day, Week, and Month tabs in the old style calendar will no longer switch you to your default tab each time you click either link in another tab.

70032: The Appointments list on clinic event profiles will no longer display an empty column labeled "Missing Column".

70098: The Snapshot New element will no longer cause an error if there is a pro bono assignment on a case with no Start Date, for example in imported data.