2016-01-27 Release Notes

Changes for January 21, 2016 - January 27, 2016

Effective: Demo 01/28/2016; Weekly 02/05/2016; Monthly 03/04/2016

68634: Fixed the LITC Issues list view, which was not displaying all columns on some sites. Affected sites may need to remove the list from form(s) and re-add it.

70143: Added the Case Data > Matter Goals (One Per Row) subtable in reports for goal information set by the Set Desired Matter Outcomes (Goals) block. Available on weekly update sites 1/22, monthly sites on 2/5.

70192: For sites with GIS enabled, any warnings about Political Boundaries will be displayed in a friendly format (instead of an error page) if there is a problem and the Political Boundaries are configured as hidden.

70207: There is a Prescreen New element now available for profile pages, designed to match the new interface appearance better than the original Prescreen element.