2016-02-03 Release Notes

Changes for January 28, 2016 - February 3, 2016

Effective: Demo 02/04/2016; Weekly 02/12/2016; Monthly 03/04/2016

62477: Scheduled reports now send the expected ".csv" file (instead of an empty .xls file) when "Part to Send" is set to CSV.

68330: Stopped HTML tags from appearing on grant profiles, making grant filter information hard to read.

69625: Added a "Begins With" checkbox for "Visa/A Number" in the popup window of a red Search for Clients. (Visa/A Number only appears if enabled on Admin > Top Level Navigation Bar/Search).

70243: When adding a value to the Legal Problem Code Grouping Descriptive lookup list, Legal Problem Code Grouping is now a required field. This prevents an error in online intakes using the Online Intake Legal Problem Code block.

70251: Fixed an error accepting a case with Level of Service enabled. (Affected demo sites only)

No ticket: A Phone API is now available. It allows an external application, like a phone system, to search matters in LegalServer and return information. See the linked help page for details.