2016-02-10 Release Notes

Changes for February 4, 2016 - February 10, 2016

Effective: Demo 02/11/2016; Weekly 02/19/2016; Monthly 03/04/2016

61656: The "Toggler Style" option now appears in Branch Logic blocks that use a site specific lookup field as the toggle field.

69152: Tasks have been extended to the Clinic module. There is a new "Add Task/Deadline" block available to create tasks, a "Task List" block to display a clinic's tasks on its profile page, and a "Tasks (One Row per Task)" subtable under the Clinics table in reports.

69469: There are two new features that allow restricted notes to be entered on cases. These notes can only be entered and viewed by users in selected user roles or with selected permissions.

These notes do not appear in the case notes and do not appear in results when using the Notes option in the Search menu. Both features log who entered a note, who has viewed these notes on a case, and any edits made to the notes.

Restricted Notes on Cases is the simpler version. Social Service Notes on Cases allows recording notes as well as categories and units of social services.

70261: Fixed a problem with the Related Cases list not updating properly and requiring a reset to see any currently related cases.

70279: Viewing the Main Potential Relief lookup list will no longer cause an error. Only applies to sites with VERA enabled.