2016-02-17 Release Notes

Changes for February 11, 2016 - February 17, 2016

Effective: Demo 02/18/2016; Weekly 02/26/2016; Monthly 03/04/2016

68817: Help links now send you to the new help site: help.legalserver.org

69152: Documents and Notes have been extended to the Clinic module, as well as the ability to send an email to a clinic record to create a note and optionally upload attachments as files. "Add Document" and "Add Note" blocks are available for auxiliary forms. "Document List" and "Notes" blocks are available for use on clinic profile pages to display information. Email to a clinic is in the form "clinic-IDnumber@sitename.legalserver.org" (the Database ID field can be added to a clinic profile to display the needed "IDnumber").

69267: Using the "Monthly (Relative)" option for recurring office appointment slots no longer causes an error.

69892: Fixed the issue of custom dates entered in report filters in edit mode not saving.

70119: Add Fields, Method 1 in reports will no longer list fields that can have multiple values, like Special Legal Problem Code, and cause an error when you try to add them via Method 1.