2016-03-02 Release Notes

Effective: Demo 03/03/2016; Weekly 03/11/2016; Monthly 04/01/2016

Homeless Persons Representation Project goes live on 3/7.

Legal Council for Health Justice has started implementation.

69125: Removed the second, unneeded, Legal Problem Code filter in the Case/Matter - Cases list view.

69485: Restored the "Export to Excel" link for Summations in reports.

69823: Restored the Pencil (edit) and X (delete) icons on the Related Cases/Matters list view to allow editing the relationship type of a case or deleting (un-relating) a case.

70341: Fixed a problem with the Case/Matter - Cases list view. Filtering on Primary Assignment for Alice would show the correct cases, where she is the primary assignment, but would sometimes display Bob, who was a previous primary assignment on a case. The results now always show the current primary assignment on all cases.

70416: The Family Information block displays a list when used on a profile page, but clicking one of the names in the list would take you to the home page instead of information on that person. The block has a new "Family Edit Aux Process ID" configuration option. Site administrators can now pick an auxiliary process that will be used when a name is clicked. Most sites likely already have an "Edit Family Information" auxiliary process that can be used.

70475: Fixed a problem with expenses not totaling and adjusted percentage of poverty not calculating on a financial page. Only affected demo sites.

70514: Fixed a problem deleting or merging values in the Nature of Disability lookup list.