2016-03-09 Release Notes

Effective: Demo 03/10/2016; Weekly 03/18/2016; Monthly 04/01/2016

Constitutional Law Center for Muslims in America begins implementation.

69166: Fixed the case number links in an organization's Referral History list.

69241: Timeslips on a case profile are now sorted within each day by ID number.

70247: Restored the default sort order on the Appointment list of a clinic event profile.

70375: The Outreach search and select box on a timeslip is now marked as a required field, and not selecting an outreach will result in a friendly required field warning instead of an error page.

70441: Fixed the Recent Clients list that appears in the side bar of case timeslips, and in the Message compose window, to properly order the cases with most recently accessed at the top of the list.

70620: Fixed an error saving the Admin > Configure Case Transfer page.

70656: Removed a poverty scale error during intake if the financial information block is hidden behind branch logic. (Effective for all sites 3/11/2016)

70651: Added text to the Admin > Poverty Scales page to clarify that the new Synchronize button is optional.