2016-03-30 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 03/31/2016; Weekly sites 04/08/2016; Monthly sites 05/06/2016

61596: Removed the errant space between the last name and the comma on the Contacts and Users pages.

70761: Fixed the editing of recurring appointment slots. Editing a slot and not checking the "Edit all future instances" will only edit that slot.

70792: Fixed an issue causing an error submitting the Admin > Configure Case Transfer page.

70808: There is a new "Social Service Note Metadata" subtable available in reports. It allows reporting on categories, subcategories, and units entered via the Social Service Notes block. It intentionally does not allow reporting the content of the Notes field.

70856: Fixed an issue with the Date Open Range filter in reports that was causing it to return no results or improperly exclude cases. All sites will have the update effective Friday, 4/1/2016.

No ticket: Improved the load time of the Add Fields window when editing reports.