2016-04-06 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 04/07/2016; Weekly sites 04/15/2016; Monthly sites 05/06/2016

69753: There is a new "Initial Legal Problem Category (Descriptive)" block available for use with online intakes. The block allows collecting just the category early in an intake, and using that value later with the Online Legal Problem Code block.

70820: Creating recurring appointment slots will no longer add an additional slot to the second and later occurrences in the series. Fixed for all sites effective 4/1/2016.

70827: Configuring an asset lookup value to "Show Balance/Loan + Equity" will no longer make entry unrequired when the Assets block is configured with assets required and to display specific asset lookup values by default.

70857: A new Contacts field is available in the outreach module. It provides a 'search and select' style of adding and removing contacts from an outreach, like the Staff field does for adding and removing users. It can be used in addition to, or instead of, the existing static "Add Contact" process and form.