2016-04-20 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 04/21/2016; Weekly sites 04/29/2016; Monthly sites 05/06/2016

70777: A grant filter on the LSC Eligible field will now check the current value of that field on a case if you edit a timeslip entered when the case had a different value. Example: Case is LSC Eligible and time entered. Case is later changed to LSC Eligible = No. Editing the previously entered timeslip will now allow selecting a grant/funding code restricted to LSC Eligible = No cases.

70974: Improved support for using the Safari browser in privacy mode, for example on an iPad.

71012: Task emails and task reminder emails will now include "New Task" and "New Task Reminder" in the email subject.

71088: The Activity Log list view will no longer cause an error when adding it to a profile page or editing an existing instance.

71090: Fixed an issue with the "Case Contacts" block missing a configuration option, causing it to display "This block cannot be used when it has not been configured" when newly added to a form. Existing instances of the block on forms were not affected.