2016-05-11 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 05/12/2016; Weekly sites 05/20/2016; Monthly sites 06/03/2016

Legal Counsel for the Elderly begins the onboarding process.

71207: Outcomes V2 values can now have subcategories. Subcategories are created in the new "Outcome Subcategory V2" lookup list. Each outcome in the "Outcome V2" lookup list can then be linked to one or more subcategories. The Outcomes V2 blocks can then be configured to "Show Outcome Subcategory" and "Require Outcome Subcategory". Note: No changes are needed to existing setups unless a site decides to implement subcategories.

71280: Removed the "New Task" text from the email subject line unless the note being emailed is from a task.

71289: Restored the ability to temporarily remove the "Favorites of" filter on report lists when you have it set as a default filter in on your System Preferences page.