2016-06-08 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 06/09/2016; Weekly sites 06/17/2016; Monthly sites 07/01/2016

68675: The Time Certification page now includes a multi-select filter for Funding Code.

69450: The Organization Cases list view available on dynamic organization profile pages has three new columns available: Date Closed, Date of Organizational Assignment, and Pro Bono Initiatives.

70989: The Batch Funding Code Update Tool has several new filters and columns (mostly for Cases). It also now allows selecting "N/A" for funding code so records without a funding code can be included and updated.

71005: Fixed an issue with the "Monthly Relative" recurrence option when creating multiple appointment slots that was causing it to create the expected slots on the first date, but only one slot on the following dates.

71348: The Edit Billing block has a new configuration option "Roles Allowed to Edit". It only affects the Amount field when creating a billing entry. If a user's role is not selected, they can't change the Amount (which is taken from the Billing Type selected).

71462: Users logging in with an outdated browser will get a warning that all features may not work properly and that they should contact their tech support. Currently warning for Firefox earlier than 38 and Chrome earlier than 43.