2016-06-22 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 06/23/2016; Weekly sites 07/01/2016; Monthly sites 08/05/2016

71010: The Timer link (if displayed on a site) is now hidden from any user with the user role Pro Bono Restricted Access.

71624: The Safe Address field is now included in e-transfers.

71696: The Online Intake Opposing Parties block has a new "Require at least One Adverse Party Entry" configuration option.

71698: The Address block has a new "Require Street Address" configuration option.

71699: The Applicant Phone #s block has a new "Require at least one phone number" configuration option.

71700: Added a date picker to Due Date and List Date on the static task form.

71701: Phone number fields have a new "Require 10 digits?" configuration option.

71711: Adjustments to the list view on the second page of the Batch Funding Code Update Tool: Removed an extra Case Disposition filter; added a Primary Assignment filter; made Funding Code a displayed, sortable column.

71764: The Asset Eligible determination made by the Asset or Financial Information blocks can now be used as a field, for example as the toggle field in a branch logic block on an intake form after a financial form.