2016-06-29 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 06/30/2016; Weekly sites 07/08/2016; Monthly sites 08/05/2016

Utah Legal Services prepares to go live on July 5th (barring any serious fireworks injuries).

71636: Added subtables in reports for MLP ICD-10 Category and MLP ICD-10 Block.

71659: Fixed SMS Received Alerts counter so it accurately displays the number of alerts.

71691: An "Other Parties" column is now available for conflict search results, and for people finder (red Search) results. If a search result is a client, the new column shows adverse parties (if any). If the search result is an adverse party, the new column shows the client. Enable the column for conflict searches by editing the configuration of the Conflict Search Results block(s). Enable it for people finder results on the Admin > Top Level Navigation Bar/Search page by setting "Show 'Other Parties' column in people search results" to Yes.

71693: The Financial Information - Alternate block has a new "Show Expense Totals" option that allows those to be hidden. It also has a new "Also Set Expense Period With Default Income Interval" option.

71697: The Snapshot New element has a new "Show Subsections" configuration option that displays the Case Summary, Contact Summary, etc., expanded (as if you had clicked on each one).

71758: Fixed the Default Frequency option in the Financial Information - Alternate block.

71827: Fixed an issue that prevented editing the Time Activity Types lookups. (Effective for all sites 6/26/2016)

71854: The Assets block has new configuration options "Show Asset Totals" and "Show Asset Information" that allow hiding the totals or the entire block. The "Asset Eligible?" option has been renamed to "Show Asset Eligible?" to clarify that it shows, or hides, that field. Even if hidden, Asset Eligible will still be calculated and stored.