2016-07-06 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 07/07/2016; Weekly sites 07/15/2016; Monthly sites 08/05/2016

Constitutional Law Center for Muslims in America and Her Justice prepare to go live with LegalServer on July 11.

70998: The "Currently accepting pro bono cases?" field will now display a red asterisk indicating it is required if added to an organization form.

71936: The Timer block has a new configuration option, "Show stop and add timeslip popup if timer already running?". The new option is unchecked by default. Check this option to prevent two timers from running at the same time.

71962: Fixed an issue with Asset Eligible always being saved as No if the Assets block is configured with "Asset maximum regardless of HH size" set to $0.00. This option is now considered only if the value is greater than 0. All sites were updated on 7/1/2016 at 3pm EDT. Intakes started earlier that day could have been affected, as well as cases if the financial information was changed earlier that day.

71968: Fixed an issue that could cause the Timer to list more than the 5 most recent cases (if that option is enabled).