2016-07-20 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 07/21/2016; Weekly sites 07/29/2016; Monthly sites 08/05/2016

Colorado Legal Services prepares to go live with LegalServer on 7/25.

71441: Field labels in online intakes are now displayed in red text if the person doesn't fill out a required field.

71803: Updated immigration form I-589.

71967: The body of Case Status Notes are now available in reports under the Case Data > Case Status History subtable.

71995: The Current Pro Bono Personnel column available on the Organization List list view now displays affiliated contacts even if the contact is not also a user.

72042: The Timer block has a new "Automatically Start for these Dispositions" configuration option. Sites already using the Timer block on the first page of an intake do not require any action. The default for the new option is no dispositions selected, which is equivalent to selecting all dispositions.

72270: There is a new "Time Entry Opens In A Popup" setting on the Admin > Timekeeping Settings page. If set to Yes, a timeslip created by stopping the Timer will open in a popup window. Useful to avoid restarting timers when viewing the case profile is configured to automatically start a timer.

72279: Right-align icons in the Timer in the old interface.