2016-07-27 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 07/28/2016; Weekly sites 08/05/2016; Monthly sites 09/02/2016

Church World Service prepares to go live with LegalServer on 8/1/2016.

Center for Nonprofit Legal Services, Greater Boston Legal Services, and Maryland Legal Aid prepare to begin the onboarding process.

69376: Added "Past 30 Days" to the list of date presets in report filters.

71655: The Admin > Telephony & SMS page now has text boxes to enter 'SMS Provider Username' and 'SMS Provider Password' to help with support.

72172: Renamed two list views to clarify what they do. "Organization Cases" is now "Cases Assigned to Organization's Members". "Organizational Assignments" is now "Cases Assigned to Organization". No action is needed if your organization profile is using either list.

72240: Removed the 'Transpose Table on Excel Reports' option from the Attributes section of reports.

72261: Fixed the Excel export of Clinic Sign-In Sheets.

72318: Stopped the 'yellow box' search results from appearing at the top of the page in the old interface, for example on the Staff and Pro Bono fields on outreaches. In both interfaces, search and select results will now display up to 15 results, instead of 5 results and "Next" and "Previous" links.

72328: Fixed the edit pencil on lists of Services.

72418: Added a new "MLP: Where Receive Health Care" lookup field.