2016-08-03 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 08/04/2016; Weekly sites 08/012/2016; Monthly sites 09/02/2016

Human Rights First prepares to go live with LegalServer on 8/8/2016.

69943: An email sent when creating a task on a case or outreach will now contain the case name or outreach name.

70915: Fixed an error with the Callbacks list on a dynamic Cases section front.

71011: There is a new user role permission, "Cases - Sidebar Snapshot - View". Enabled by default for all roles, unchecking it will hide the Snapshot New element on cases. Notes: 1) This only hides the Snapshot New element, not the legacy Snapshot element; 2) If the side bar has no other information to display, it is completely hidden.

72303: The MLP Date Referral Received and Date Referral Confirmed columns will show "n/a" instead of "12/31/1969" in reports when blank.

72440: The "Online Financial Information - Detailed" block has a new "Show Expense Totals" option that allows the expense totals to be hidden by checking it.

72470: The "Copy Address" option in the Family Information block will now copy the Apt/Lot number field.

72497: Fixed an error saving Attributes changes when editing reports. Only affected demo sites; hotfixed on 8/2/2016.

72549: Fixed an issue with the Edit pencil on a list of Services.

72613: The Verification page (for sites with Advanced Grant Management) is now sorted by name.