2016-08-10 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 08/11/2016; Weekly sites 08/19/2016; Monthly sites 09/02/2016

Neighborhood Legal Services Association prepares to go live with LegalServer on 8/15/2016.

72370: Report crosstabs exported to Excel will no longer open blank in recent versions of Excel.

72591: For sites using address geocoding, failure of one political boundary will no longer prevent other boundaries from being set.

72493: Fixed issues with the Recipients box resizing when emailing notes, and the search results being hard to read because text under the results was showing through.

72594: Fixes for RTF and PDF files wanting to open in Notepad in Firefox (all sites updated effective 8/7/2016).

72601: Downloading files with spaces in the name will no longer replace the spaces with + signs (all sites updated effective 8/7/2016).

72567: Fix for Old Style Templates not filling in all field markers. Notes elements remain an issue.