2016-08-17 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 08/18/2016; Weekly sites 08/26/2016; Monthly sites 09/02/2016

CrescentCare legal services staff begins the onboarding process.

72515: The "Adverse Party (Prescreen)" block has a new "Use People Finder" configuration option. This allows the search link displayed to perform a people finder (red Search menu > Clients) search or a conflict search.

72574: There is a new "SMS Consent Preferences" block available for sites using SMS Text Messaging.

72627: Prevent an appointment slot from being filled twice by having the schedule confirmation page for the same slot open in two browser tabs and submitting both. The second attempt will now show a warning that the slot is filled.

72671: Testing begins on a "Pro Bono Opportunities API", which will allow an external application (an agency's web site, for example) to query an instance of LegalServer for information on cases tagged as current pro bono opportunities. Details will vary, but it will work like the Phone API.

72809: Restored the ability to upload multiple files on an "Add Activity" form.