2016-08-24 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 08/25/2016; Weekly sites 09/02/2016; Monthly sites 10/07/2016

The SMS Text Messaging module is out of beta and pricing has been set.

69299: Using the Exclude option in a report filter on assigned program (primary assignment program) will now return results where that field has no value. For example, if you filter on program "Family Law" and Exclude, the report will return records where program is "Appeals Project" or any other program, but will now also return records where program is blank.

69463: There is a new "Related Cases (Compact)" block designed for case profile pages. It shows the number of related cases, if any, and a button to display the list of related cases and a link to add related cases.

71662: Removed an errant selector from the Admin > Telephony & SMS page.

71906: For sites with a payroll module enabled, the WW and PP totals in the My Time widget will now round to tenths or hundredths of an hour per the site's setting on Admin > Timekeeping Settings.

72571: Fixed an issue with the Additional Names block displaying non-existent alias entries on the main profile.

72917: Fixed an issue with field label overrides on forms not saving when multiple languages are enabled.

72934: There is a new "Medical Record Request" block that allows recording information for one or more requests on a case.