2016-08-31 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 09/01/2016; Weekly sites 09/09/2016; Monthly sites 10/07/2016

67212: Pending E-Transfers (whether coming from another organization or an online intake site) can now be configured to expire after a specified number of days. See the new "Incoming Transfer Expiration" section on the Admin > Configure Case Transfer page. If a pending transfer expires, an email is sent to the applicant (if there is an email address) and optionally CC'd to a specified email address. The email Subject and Body are also specified on the settings page.

71013: The "Recommended Pro Bono Users" list view available for dynamic home pages has 3 new columns available: Active Volunteer, Bar Status, and Special Population Info.

72500: Branch Logic blocks now work properly in the Service module.

72614: Fixed errors when editing billing entries from the list view on a case profile.

72850: Fixed a problem with the document search feature (Search menu > Documents). Selecting a user in the Created By field will no longer exclude all documents.

72934: There is a new "Medical Record Requests" list view available for organization records to display cases where the organization is selected in a medical record request.

72935: There is a new "Medical Record Requests" list view available for cases to display information collected via the eponymous block.