2016-09-21 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 09/22/2016; Weekly sites 09/30/2016; Monthly sites 11/04/2016

Open Door Legal Services (Seattle's Union Gospel Mission) prepares to go live with LegalServer on 9/26/2016.

71170: The User/Contact Associations block has a new configuration option to allow user-to-user associations when the block is on a user form.

71621: Added the subtables needed in reports to display MLP Medical Institution and MLP Medical Institution Department names.

72792: "Intake Type" is now an available column in dynamic Callbacks list views. It is in disabled columns by default.

72923: The client's A Number is now an available column on the dynamic Current Assignments list view (frequently used on dynamic home pages).

72959: For sites with VERA reporting enabled, the Activities block has a new "Enable Vera Filing" option and new, related "Vera Filing Decision" lookup list, as well as Vera options in the Activity Action and Activity Item lookup lists.

72962: For sites with VERA reporting enabled, the Outcome Group V2 lookup list has new system values available for use, helpfully labeled "Vera ...".

73024: Fixed a problem that was preventing sessions from being timed out per the setting on Admin > Site Settings.

73041: Fixed an issue where editing an additional name for a client could cause an errant blank additional name to appear.

73341: Deleting litigation records will no longer cause an error.