2016-09-28 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 09/29/2016; Weekly sites 10/07/2016; Monthly sites 11/04/2016

68357: Access to a case prevented by the Case Restrictions field now extends to denying access to the client profile for the case.

71182: A Mass Staff Liaison Update feature is now available in the user module. It allows moving multiple Staff Liaison associations from one user to another. Site administrators must add the link to the Actions menu of user profiles.

72961: Activity Presets (Admin > Activity Presets) can now add outcomes to cases (in addition to events, tasks, and deadlines).

73053: The Current Assignments list view can now display a column for the "Institutionalized At" field, allowing case handlers to see, for example, the institution their clients are in on their home page assignment list. "institutionalized At" is typically collected as an option in the Address block. Site administrators will need to enable the column in the list view.

73477: For sites using custom fields on contact records, fixed an issue that prevented using the Add Case Contact form on a case to create a new contact and affiliate that person with an organization.