2016-10-12 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 10/13/2016; Weekly sites 10/21/2016; Monthly sites 11/04/2016

69096: Reports displayed by the Report Part block now display "Run" instead of "Open" before the report name to avoid confusing links. For example, "Run Closed Cases this Year" instead of "Open Closed Cases this Year".

69433: Date Closed in the Closing Information section of the Snapshot New side bar element is now in mm/dd/yyyy format.

70000: Changed the text in the Report Part block to "Search for Base Reports by name" to clarify that it is only searching for base reports.

70882: Fixed the "Edit Brochure" link when you are viewing a brochure selected from the Admin > Brochures page.

71843: Clicking the Help menu label in the search bar by itself will now open the help site in another browser tab/window.

72480: Fixed the Search Link block that can be used on dynamic contact create forms.

73254: Citizenship Status can now be collected in the Family Information block.

73444: The Online Intake Legal Problem Code block's "Show Special Legal Problem Code" option will now hide related elements when unchecked.

73523: The Create Assignment block has a new configuration option that allows setting a default subject for the note that can be added and emailed.

73736: For sites with multiple languages enabled, the values of a site specific field used as the toggle field in a branch logic block will now display in the configured language.