2016-10-19 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 10/20/2016; Weekly sites 10/28/2016; Monthly sites 11/04/2016

67701: The name of a Parent Organization is now available in reports.

69943: Calendar event emails sent from a case or outreach now contain the name of the case or outreach in the reference text added to the email body.

71336: Having the Rich Text Editor for notes enabled in your System Preferences will no longer cause pages to jump down to the point on the page that has a notes box.

73307: Hides an aberrant "Start timer for Project Time" link in the Timer menu.

73695: Entering a timeslip without a required Activity Type will now display a warning message instead of an error page.

73678: There is a new user role permission "Case/Client Alerts - Can Dismiss". Enabled by default to maintain existing behavior, removing it from a role will hide the Dismiss link on alerts from users with that role.

73801: Fixed the password checking when resuming your sessions via the red Session Expired bar.

73815: The MLP Medical Institution Department name is now available in reports.

73821: The "MLP Patient SDOH Risk Category" field is now available in the outreach module.

73843: Fixed sorting on the Intake Type column on the Pending Callbacks list.

73867: Assignment Type can now be changed when editing an assignment on a case. If you change the type to Primary, it will automatically end the current primary assignment and begin a new one.