2016-10-26 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 10/27/2016; Weekly sites 11/04/2016; Monthly sites 12/02/2016

Laurel Legal Services is live with LegalServer (10/17/2016).

Southwestern Pennsylvania Legal Services is live with LegalServer (10/24/2016).

Brooklyn Volunteer Lawyers Project, Brooklyn Defender Services, and Law Project of the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless have started the onboarding process.

58489: The Admin > Support Tickets page has a new Actions menu link to display tickets with the status of "Testing". Tickets have the testing status for up to a week before they are closed, or re-opened for additional work.

70805: Fixed an issue that prevented the Case Alerts bock from also displaying client alerts.

71049: The Attorneys list view used on clinic event profile pages now displays the attorney's email address in addition to work phone.

71663: Removed the 512 character limit on Outcomes V2 note fields.

71779: A form with a "Save and Stay on Page" button and the Funding Code field will now give a required field warning (instead of an error page) if the button is clicked before a funding code is selected.

72735: The "Notes" element available in old style templates will again include Date Posted and a separator between multiple case notes.

73056: Sites with Time and Attendance Record enabled can now set the text that appears above the signature lines by editing the new "Timekeeping Certification Message" on the Admin > Timekeeping Settings page.

73440: The Units of Service subactor in document templates will no longer cause an error.

73791: For sites using Advanced Grants Management, the "Modify FTE Percentage (Logged)" block now has a precision setting to allow entering numbers after a decimal point. Note: Percentage values will round to the nearest two digits after a decimal point even if more than 2 are configured in the block.

73863: Uploaded files ending in ".msg" will again have the default type set to MS Outlook.

73882: Fixed an issue that caused Adjusted Percentage of Poverty to display as "N/A" if expenses equaled or exceeded income.

73899: For sites using Advanced Grants Management, the verification list has been modified to help with user office changes during a pay period. The "Office Location" column has been relabeled "Office Location (Pay Period)" to clarify the office it displays, and a filter for "User's Current Office" has been added.

73905: Fixed a problem that prevented adding a new user via the Pro Bono Tracking block.

73912: Fixed the Limit to Case Contacts option of the Judge block that can be used on litigation forms.

73922: Fixed an issue that could cause a replacement logo to not be displayed immediately.

73952: The Activities block has a new option to display the Activity Details field if you allow entering time on activity records.

73974: Updated the API user account required settings for the Pro Bono Opportunities API and the Phone API.