2016-11-30 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 12/01/2016; Weekly sites 12/09/2016; Monthly sites 01/06/2017

Georgia Heirs Property Law Center and Rocky Mountain Children's Law Center begin the onboarding process.

Lenox Hill goes live with LegalServer on 12/5/2016.

69219: Editing a task will no longer add an unneeded "(no note entered)" note.

73475: Up to 1598 site specific fields are now supported. Inactive site specific fields do not count against the limit.

73762: There is a new user role permission, "View Others' Private Calendar Events", which is enabled by default.

74506: The "No Date Set" option in report date filters now treats "n/a" and "infinity" values as no date set. You likely have not seen such values if you don't do VERA reporting.

74545: Fixed an issue with referral attempts not appearing in the User Event Log.

74576: Referring a case to a pro bono user will no longer put a phantom referral attempt in the User Event Log.