2016-12-14 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 12/15/2016; Weekly sites 12/23/2016; Monthly sites 01/06/2017

San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program begins the onboarding process.

74164: If enabled in the Family Information block, Citizenship Status now displays above Immigration Status.

74612: The list of organizations on the "Refer to Outside Organization" page can now be filtered by "Referral Zip Code" and "Referral City". The referral zip codes and cities for an organization are maintained on the "Edit Primary Referral Criteria" page for each organization.

74706: Removed "doctor" as a stop word in searches, meaning it will no longer be ignored so people with the last name "Doctor" will be returned in a search. The remaining stop words are: 'esq', 'esquire', 'jr.', 'sr.', and 'dr.', case insensitive.

74764: Date fields in reports, for example Date of Service on a time report, have a new Format option, "Week Only (Per Site Setting "Weeks run from")" to honor the site setting which can be Saturday or Sunday. The existing week only option has been renamed to "Week Only (Monday - Sunday)".

74782: Fixed an issue with the Activity Log not displaying on sites using the VERA module (effective 12/9/2016 for affected sites).

74855: The "Save Notes" button (if enabled) will no longer cause a "can't save" message the first time it is used for a given note.