2017-01-04 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 01/05/2016; Weekly sites 01/13/2017; Monthly sites 02/03/2017

73451: For sites using Advanced Grants Management, the Timekeeping Settings page contains a new "Create Unallocated Time for Exempt Employees?" setting. Choosing Yes prompts with two additional settings.

74222: Fixed an issue with search-and-select user filters in reports that prevented adding new users to a filter.

74648: The webcal links available for each user to pull their calendar events into Google Calendar/Outlook will no longer work for inactive users.

74958: Fixed an issue with Activity records using Activity Presets, where changing the activity date from the default would not update the preset(s) dates accordingly.

75053: Outcomes V2 blocks now offer search-and-select when choosing from a list of outcomes.

No ticket: Increased the size of the triangle that appears next to elements when editing forms and profiles.