2017-01-11 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 01/12/2016; Weekly sites 01/20/2017; Monthly sites 02/03/2017

Community Legal Services and Counseling Center begins the onboarding process.

72525: The Restricted Programs/Office feature is now, for intake restrictions, exclusively checking the program and office in the intake assignment. It no longer attempts to reconcile differences between the program and office in the assignment and manually manipulated values in the intake program and intake office fields.

72936: Fixed sorting on the "Office (Pay Period)" column on verification pages (for sites with Advanced Grants Management).

74703: There are three new date presets in report filters: After Today, Current Quarter, and Next Quarter.

75003: Updated NYC Council District shape file (for site with GIS enabled and using that political boundary).

75023: Fixed the organization merge feature.

75119: Fixed the Current Pro Bono Personnel column on the main Organizations page to display the expected organization contact users.

75130: Fixed an error generating a document from a Medical Record Request.