2017-02-01 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 02/02/2016; Weekly sites 02/10/2017; Monthly sites 03/03/2017

69973: The Custom Label of a branch logic block will now display properly when the block is on a profile page.

73600: For sites using Advanced Grants Managment, the Post-Summary page now properly includes overtime.

73960: For sites using GIS, improved the message displayed if an address can't be geocoded or if no political boundaries can be determined.

74470: Fixed the copying of Referring Organizations information in the Quick Case Copy and New Case for Client processes.

75304: Immigration form I-290B has been updated (effective 1/30/2017)

75332: The new report filter date presets, "After Today", "Current Quarter", and "Previous Quarter", now work properly in run mode.

75344: The "MLP: Medical Institution" field search and select will now only return organizations of type "MLP Medical Institution".

75364: Improved the layout of the Summary page displayed when mapping new style document templates.

75382: For sites doing e-transfers or statewide reporting, there are two new Legalserver Index values available for mapping if your organization adds either or both of the new LSC problem codes "87 Criminal Record Expungement" and "98 Tribal Court—Criminal".