2017-02-08 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 02/09/2016; Weekly sites 02/17/2017; Monthly sites 03/03/2017

72320: A funding code selected on a prescreen will now be honored at the end of an intake by the Disposition block.

75186: For sites using Advanced Grants Management, implemented the Locked feature on a case's funding code. If your user role has the new "Edit Funding Code Locks" permission, you have the ability to lock (and unlock) the funding code on a case, preventing users without that permission from transferring the case to a new funding code.

75325: Improved checking of text entered in Recipients boxes for validly formatted email addresses. This is not checking if the email address(es) exist, only that they are validly formatted.

75436: The Assignment Type is no longer editable when editing the primary assignment on a case, preventing accidentally 'deleting' the primary assignment.

75514: Fixed the landing page when the case number search doesn't find the case (Search > Case ID). Effective for all sites 2/3/2017.

75543: Fixed an issue with viewing and editing some calendar events. Effective for all sites 2/3/2017.