2017-02-22 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 02/22/2016; Weekly sites 03/03/2017; Monthly sites 04/07/2017

68732: On the Edit Multiple Users Simultaneously page, changed the "Activate/Deactivate" option to the clearer "Login Active" and "Yes/No" to match the field name you see on user forms and profiles.

74748: After a session has timed out, and the red bar shows that, clicking anywhere on the page will take you to the login page.

75457: List views will now export to xlsx (Excel 2007) files, and have a new CSV icon to export to a csv file.

75578: The Favorites column in report lists is now sortable.

75709: The I-914 immigration form has been updated.

75717: Fixed the Case Data > Social Service Note Metadata subtable in reports.

75718: Fixed an issue where some PDF files would be missing from generated packets (publications, pro bono packets, etc.). Fixed for all sites effective 2/23/2017.

75914: Fixed a problem with Recipients boxes not properly handling email addresses with 3-part hostnames, like jill@law.school.edu. Fixed for all sites 2/21/2017.