2017-04-19 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 04/20/2016; Weekly sites 04/28/2017; Monthly sites 05/05/2017

65555: The list of cases displayed by the "Master/Subordinate Cases" button on a case profile now has a default sort on case number.

74582: Logging back in via the red session timeout bar will no longer force you back to the main login page again.

74679: Fixed a problem that prevented editing values in the Legal Problem Code Grouping Descriptive lookup list.

75378: Three new fields are available for mapping in new style document templates that use Medical Record Request data: Medical Provider Full Address, Medical Provider Phone, and Medical Provider Fax.

75892: For sites using Advanced Grants Management, you can now further limit which timeslips can be changed when a user is changing the funding code on a case. The funding code cannot be changed on Confirmed and Verified timeslips unless the user's role has, respectively, the permissions "Allow Editing of Confirmed Time" and "Allow Editing Verified Timeslips". NB: Timeslips on a case are listed when changing the case's funding code only if Admin > Timekeeping Settings > "Show services when changing a matter's Primary Funding Code" is set to Yes.

76519: Fixed wayward "There was an error, click here" messages appearing at the top of the page.

76551: There is a new subtable in reports: Case Data > Additional Assignments (one row per assignment) > Organization Assignments. Useful for sites making case assignments to organizations.

76931: The case note created by the Send Email block now includes the client's name, case number, etc., instead of the markers "[c]", "[id]", and so on. The email sent already includes the text as expected.