2017-05-17 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 05/18/2016; Weekly sites 05/26/2017; Monthly sites 06/02/2017

Highland Park - Highwood Legal Aid Clinic begins the onboarding process.

67101: Added the ability to report on cases associated with outreach records. See the new Outreach > Cases/Matters Associated with Outreach (One Row per Case/Matter) table. (The top level table is called Other Matters instead of Outreach on some sites).

76813: The Social Service Category lookup values (used in the Social Service Notes block) now show Office as a required field. If at least one Office is not selected for a category, it will not show up in the dropdown list on the form.

76816: Fixed an issue with scheduled report pages not saving changes when switching between By Day of Month and By Day of Week.

76949: Fixed an issue where setting a date report filter to "No Date Set" could cause "Error loading list" errors if the filter was changed before the data table loaded.

76990: For sites with Advanced Grants Management enabled: Editing an Activity record with a linked timeslip will now show a link to the timeslip instead of the directly editable timeslip fields. Viewing the timeslip, then attempting to edit it, will enforce rules about contract terms, posted time, etc.

77073: The Family Members list on client profile pages now includes DOB as a column.