2017-05-31 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 06/01/2017; Weekly sites 06/09/2017; Monthly sites 07/07/2017

HIAS begins the onboarding process.

66447: Demo sites now have a green navigation bar and a green background on the Search bar to help avoid confusion over which site is being used.

76341: Removed the "Force Old" link in the Filters section when editing reports. Everyone who remembers the old style filters from pre-2013 should be over the shock by now.

76566: Updated the I-290B immigration form on all immigration sites on 5/30/2017.

77102: The "Run (report name)" link that the Report Part block can display now works on section fronts other than the Home Page.

77208: The link to create a new user is hidden if the user's role does not have the "Users: Add/Edit" permission.

77211: Removed the limit of 99 for the MLP: Number of Patient ED Visits field.