2017-06-28 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 06/29/2017; Weekly sites 07/07/2017; Monthly sites 08/04/2017

77419: Litigation records have four new fields available: "Date Application Filed", "Filing Type", "Number of People Served by Litigation", and "Outcome Date". Site administrators do not need to make any changes to existing Litigation forms unless they want to enable the new fields. NB: The new fields are available in the Litigation Information list view, but not the Litigations list view.

77534: The "Submit and Add" block now works as expected on dynamic calendar event create forms.

77581: The "Assigned By" field is now shown as required when assigning an organization to a case or editing an organization assignment.

77645: Fixed an issue that could cause the funding code in the sidebar snapshot on cases to not immediately reflect a change in the funding code.

77663: Fixed an issue with using organization affiliation information in document templates.