2017-07-12 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 07/13/2017; Weekly sites 07/21/2017; Monthly sites 08/04/2017

Maryland Legal Aid is live with LegalServer on 7/10/2017.

Highland Park - Highwood Legal Aid Clinic is live with LegalServer on 7/12/2017.

Laramie County Community Partnership Medical-Legal Partnership begins the onboarding process.

76927: Immigration form I-765 Worksheet will be updated on all immigration sites on 7/15/2017.

77078: Outcome V2 information can now be mapped in new style document templates. Make these fields available by adding one or more Matter Outcome V2 subactors to a Case Information actor.

77571: Fixed an issue with the Immigration Log block that was preventing new entries from being created.

77664: The Online Intake Opposing Parties block has two new configuration options, "Show SSN for Individuals" and "Show Middle Name for Individuals". Both are unchecked by default.

77728: A new list view element "Reports - Current User Favorites" is available for dynamic report section fronts.

77732: Immigration form I-918 Supp B will be updated on all immigration sites on 7/15/2017.