2017-09-06 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 09/07/2017; Weekly sites 09/15/2017; Monthly sites 10/06/2017

73369: Deleted case notes no longer appear in the Case Log.

73848: Deleted activity records no longer appear in the Case Log.

77809: Fixed address mapping in Medical Record Request document templates.

77893: The Start/Stop Time block available on timeslips has a new "Require Start/Stop Times" configuration option.

78346: The Employee ID field is now available in reports. System Users > Employee ID, and Timekeeping > Caseworker > User Data > Employee ID.

78413: Fixed an issue where setting screening status on a prescreen could sometimes land you on an unrelated matter instead of the prescreen profile.

78433: Fixed translation options for Ethnicity and HUD 9902 Race (for sites with multiple languages enabled).

78709: Fixed an issue with scheduled reports being sent after the End Date.