2017-09-27 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 09/28/2017; Weekly sites 10/06/2017; Monthly sites 11/03/2017

Worker Justice Center of New York begins onboarding.

77090: There is a new "Show SMS Alerts for Assignment Types" field on the Admin > Telephony & SMS admin page. The setting determines who gets a home page alert when an SMS message is received for a case. By default, only the primary assignment on the case gets an alert.

78041: Fixed an issue that could cause an error when merging two contact records.

78586: Immigration form I-601 (8/21/2017) will be available on all immigration sites on 9/29/2017.

78923: Timestamps in the SMS Log are now converted from UTC to the site's timezone (Admin > Site Settings).

78937: There is a new system lookup field and list name Disaster available for the case/matter module. This field will be included in e-transfers.

78951: For site administrators: A "Save and Stay on Page" button is now available when editing forms.