2017-10-04 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 10/05/2017; Weekly sites 10/13/2017; Monthly sites 11/03/2017

78213: There is a new "MLP: Where Received Health Care (One per Row)" subtable in reports.

78220: Fixed an issue with Mass Calendar Updates that caused it to error if the To user was already an attendee on one of the selected events.

78461: The default filter for Office Appointment = No on the Available Appointments list is now Office Appointment = N/A, No. This shows appointment slots where the Office Appointment field is either No or blank.

78938: The following fields are now available in the Person module: 1) VOCA Primary Victimization Type, 2) VOCA Secondary Victimization Type, 3) VOCA Tertiary Victimization Type, 4) Identifies as LGBT?, and 5) Deaf/Hard of Hearing?

78970: Fixed an issue that caused the Add Column window in reports to open to an error page.

78993: A branch logic block toggling on Legal Problem Code now displays a "No Selection" option in addition to the individual LPCs. This allows displaying a branch logic form if no LPC is selected.

79050: Two new values, Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Maria, have been added to the Disaster Event lookup list. The values are inactive for most states. Edit and activate if your site should use them.