2017-10-18 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 10/19/2017; Weekly sites 10/27/2017; Monthly sites 11/03/2017

Brooklyn Volunteer Lawyers Project is live with LegalServer on 10/18/2017.

Disability Rights Florida begins onboarding.

Greater Boston Legal Services is live with LegalServer on 10/16/2017.

Legal Services for the Elderly beings onboarding.

Legal Services of Northwest Minnesota begins onboarding.

Volunteer Lawyers Project of the Boston Bar Association is live with LegalServer on 10/2/2017.

79240: Second Language and Rural are now included as field values copied in the Quick Case Copy and New Case for Client processes.

79341: For sites receiving electronic case transfers, there is a new "Pending Case Transfers" top level table available in reports.

79345: Fixed multiple language support for the Expenses lookup list.