2017-11-08 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 11/09/2017; Weekly sites 11/17/2017; Monthly sites 12/01/2017

Center for Elder Law & Justice is live with LegalServer on 11/6/2017.

Legal Services of Eastern Missouri begins the onboarding process.

Life Span begins the onboarding processing.

National Women's Law Center begins the onboarding process.

76957: Fixed an issue with the Organization Name column from the following subtable not displaying values: Case Data > Additional Assignments (one per row) > Organization Assignments > Organization > Organization Name.

77218: Fixed an issue that prevented scheduled SMS text message from appearing in sent logs or showing as queued even when they had been delivered. The messages are being sent, but will not appear in the sent log, or might appear as queued, until this fix hits your site.

79335: Improved the lookup merge code to catch corner cases like a value being merged (put in the queue), but then someone trying to merge that same value again, skipping the queue, before the queued merge has run.

79538: Sites with the Payroll Leave Balance module enabled can now show current leave balances on Timekeeping based reports. Subtables called "Report Current Leave Balance X" have been added. Each subtable contains a Leave Type field and Net Hours field. The Net Hours field displays the current balance for that leave type in each row for a given caseworker. In other words, if the report shows 42 timeslips for Jane and her current Vacation leave balance is 3.00 hours, all 42 rows will display 3.00 in the Net Hours column for Vacation leave.

79593: There is a new "Add Task" column available for the My Assignments and Current Assignments list views. Prediction: Many of your casehandlers will like this, some will love it. Be a hero and enable it when it becomes available on your site.