2017-11-15 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 11/16/2017; Weekly sites 11/24/2017; Monthly sites 12/01/2017

South Carolina Bar Pro Bono Program is live with LegalServer on 11/15/2017.

79738: Immigration form I-918 Supp. A (2/7/2017) was made available on 11/10/2017.

79698: Immigration form I-821 (10/19/2017) will be available on 11/17/2017.

79735: A branch logic block that allows you to select a form for a blank value will now work when the block is set to hide the toggle field.

79743: The download icon in document search results will no longer allow downloading a document you do not have permission to access.

79898: Updated page headers to provide additional additional application security. Expect no problems unless you have folks running old, old versions of browsers; and finding that out will be a good thing.