2017-12-13 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 12/14/2017; Weekly sites 12/22/2017; Monthly sites 01/05/2018

East River Legal Services is live with LegalServer on 12/4/2017.

James B. Moran Center for Youth Advocacy is live with LegalServer on 12/13/2017.

MetroWest Legal Services begins onboarding.

80197: Fixed an issue that prevented recurring calendar events from displaying. (Fix effective for all sites as of 12/8/2017).

80330: The Outcomes V2 blocks will no longer cause an error when a form (typically a case closing form) is submitted and there are no outcomes available for the case.

80393: Added the ability to create site specific fields in the Person module.

80405: Fixed a redirect issue that could occur when deleting document folders.

80439: Fixed an issue with the webcal link on user profiles (the link that allows displaying a read-only copy of calendar events in an external program like Outlook or Google Calendar).